3 Vital FAQs about Root Canal Treatment


Previously, an injured or diseased tooth used to mean that you are likely to lose a tooth. Thanks to the root canal therapy this is no longer the case and you can restore your smile even after such an incident.

Since your smile is one of the most vital natural assets that you have you must take good care of it and root canal therapy has come up as an unsung hero among dental treatments that helps in retaining and enhancing your smile that was formerly impossible to accomplish.


But in spite of being such a helpful procedure many people are still afraid of going for this treatment. But in reality, the procedure can be accomplished in just one visit and can maximum take up to three visits and causes a little or almost no pain. The most vital benefit is that it can save your smile even after considerable damage.

Here are some of the most significant FAQs about root canal therapy. Have a look!

  • What is Root Canal Treatment and Why Do I Need It?


Root canal or endodontic treatment caters to the inside of the teeth. When the pulp gets infected or inflamed endodontic treatment is required. The infection of inflammation of the teeth can occur because of a number of reasons like repeated dental procedures on your teeth, deep decay, a chip or crack in the teeth or faulty crowns. Added to that, trauma to the teeth may also lead to pulp damage even though the teeth show no visible cracks or chips. If pulp infection or inflammation is left untreated it can lead to abscess or can cause pain. During the treatment, the infected or inflamed pulp is carefully removed from the inside of the tooth. After that the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected and then sealed with gutta-percha which is a rubber like material. After that, the tooth is restored with filling or a crown. After restoration, the tooth will function like any other tooth.

  • How to Choose an Appropriate Dentist?

Your dentist can assist you with the diseased and injured nerves within the teeth that call for root canal therapy. It is usually a simple procedure. You should not hesitate to discuss the treatment options with the dentist and choose only after you have checked that they are certified and have optimum experience in the conducting this procedure.


  • Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Nowadays, going for root canal treatment is often no more uncomfortable than going for a filling. In fact, root can treatment does not cause pain but instead relieves it. The advancements in dentistry have made this treatment a virtually pain-free experience. This is accomplished, in most cases, in just one visit. Pain management is understood to a great extent by endodontists. With the modern anaesthetics and techniques the vast majority of the patients report that they feel absolutely comfortable during the process.

The above are some of the essential FAQs about root canal treatment in Delhi. Now that you know how effective and simple the procedure is and how it can be conducted in a painless manner, you must ensure that you go for it if your dentist suggests it so that you can flaunt your smile whenever you want without making a dent in your pocket.


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