5 Best yoga poses for Addiction Recovery

Yoga and Addiction Recovery

Various methods are adopted for the treatment of addiction so that the recovery can be easily obtained. Yoga is an adjunct health practice which works as a medicine. If it is used with conventional treatment methods, it is definitely beneficial to remove addiction because it connects the mind, body, and breath to spiritual awareness. In the last 10 years, the number of Americans who use yoga for mental and physical benefits has increased to 21 million.

What is yoga?
Yoga is known as a physical, mental and spiritual discipline which originated from India. According to the International Association of Yoga, yoga is now also being used therapeutically to improve the health of people as well as the addiction behavior.

Yoga For Health

Here are 5 yoga poses, see that how are these beneficial in addiction recovery.

Spinal Breathing Pranayama: Most yoga exercises are started by breathing to connect the mind and body. In this exercise, white light is imagined on the basis of the spine while breathing. It keeps the mind calm and with its help, addictive behavior can also be changed.

Yogi Bicycles: After lying down, fingers are placed under the head. Bend both knees and touch the chest. After that, try to touch the left knee with the right elbow and the right knee with the left elbow repeatedly. It strengthens muscles and enhances confidence level.

Fish pose: This is the posture of bending the spine after lying down. Fish pose is helpful in opening chest, throat, and stomach. Apart from this, pain relief from the neck and spine. It is also used to remove anxiety and stress.

Downward facing dog pose: In this posture, lying upside down, bend the entire body by standing in the middle of the body and see the belly button. It strengthens legs and arms. This posture is helpful in strengthening the body as well as eliminating mental and physical stress.

Warrior pose: We also call it Veerabhadrasana in which by standing straight, a long step is placed forward and bend the leg at 90 degrees. After that, the arms are raised upright and see forward. By the regular practice of this posture, we can get relief from hips, thighs, and back pain. Not only this, it gives us the strength to reduce the craving for drugs or alcohol so that we can get rid of the addiction.

Sage Twist: Sage twist is the best of all exercises of yoga because it is particularly helpful in detoxifying the negative energy between the spine and other organs. This posture compresses the internal organs which stimulate the nervous system. It also works to keep the mind calm.

Pigeon Pose: This posture is used to release the blocked energy and stored emotions within the body which makes it special. It encourages to face the negative emotions. Not only this, it is also called the Great Soother of the nervous system. As you know, addiction affects the addicts mentally and physically so it provides both types of relief.

Corpse Pose: This posture is the most difficult all of the postures which have included in this list because it is really hard to be silent during physical movement. But if you are looking yourself and if you want to eradicate the addiction from your life, it will definitely help you.

Benefits of yoga during addiction recovery

There is no doubt that yoga is beneficial for mental and physical health. Besides, addicts can make sober themselves with the help of yoga.

Relief from anxiety and depression: Anxiety and depression are considered to be the main cause of making anyone addict. If you regularly practice, anxiety and depression can be managed without consuming drugs or alcohol.

Restlessness and stress management: Meditation is the form of yoga which is called relaxation response. It balances heart rate, blood pressure, as well as reduce stress hormones.

Calm the mind: Meditation is used in some yoga that provides spiritual peace and awareness. It can relieve the problem of insomnia. As a result, the mind will be calm.

Enhancing brain function: Regular yoga practice is very helpful in enhancing brain activity. It enhances focus and memory power of an addict.

Healthy body: Yoga plays an important role in resolving physical problems that arise during recovery. It works as a medicine to remove physical disorders. In the absence of physical disorders, you can easily succeed in recovery. Yoga is as important as your diet to recover from the addiction.

Whether you are suffering from any kind of addiction, everyone has the power to change their thoughts. Yoga makes you commit for treatment. If you really want to quit an addiction, yoga will definitely help you to get rid of these bad habits. And it will definitely be helpful to make your recovery easier because it is used with conventional treatment methods, thus, yoga is considered wonderful adjunct therapy for offering the opportunity of addiction free life.


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