6 Creative Ideas to Make Your Vision Board the Best Ever


Looking to create your very own vision board? You’re not alone!

With all the positive benefits of having a vision board up in your home or workspace, it’s no wonder so many want to explore the advantages having a dream board can bring.

By utilizing the Law of Attraction and encouraging visualization techniques, vision boards help us manifest our goals and desires. When we can glance up from our desk or kitchen table and see the sweeping vistas of our next dream vacation destination, or the encouraging self-affirming words of an inspirational figure, it really helps bring those dreams to life.

Knowing what you want is one thing. But seeing what you want each and every day? That sends a powerful message to your subconscious mind!

Now, you might be wondering: how do vision boards activate the subconscious? Even if our vision boards are simply present in our peripheral vision, the images and ideas contained there are being picked up and registered in the subconscious mind, emitting an energetic signal that slowly begins to work its way toward physical manifestation.

Sound intriguing? Want to craft a vision board of your own?

Then be sure to incorporate some of these 6 creative ideas to help make your vision board the best it can be.

Thought your Mind

1. Vision Board Rule # 1 – There Are No Rules

There’s one suggestion we recommend above all others for your dream board: throw out the rulebook!

There are no rules, no parameters, no limitations to what you can choose to do and incorporate into your vision board.

There’s no right or wrong, no correct or incorrect. Sure, poking around online for inspiration may give you some interesting ideas to work with, but don’t limit yourself to what you’ve seen others do.

Feel like creating a vision board full of green things? Do it! Want to fill an entire cork board with hand-drawn doodles of your favorite things? Go for it!

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – or, in fact, venture away from it entirely. You may just become the inspiration that encourages someone else to create their own vision board.

2. Create a Vision Board in Three-Dimensions

Many vision boards incorporate the use of photos, postcards, and magazine cutouts. You can style your creation on a cork board, cardboard, or even use magnetic tape and paint to create a movable masterpiece you can switch and swap out to your heart’s content.

But why not take things to the next level with some three-dimensional vision board additions?

Perhaps you have a souvenir from a place you once traveled to that you deeply treasure, or have some dried flowers saved from a special occasion. You can find creative ways of incorporating three-dimensional images and ideas into your vision board just as you would a magazine cutting or a motivational quote.

Variation in the texture, shape, and size of what you put on your dream board will help it stand out and increase the impact of the message you’re trying to send to your subconscious.

Sometimes all that’s needed is some powerful double-sided tape. You can also incorporate magnets and pushpins for a stronger pull. And if none of that will do the trick? Well, there’s always superglue!

3. Try a Words-Only Vision Board

Plenty of vision boards use images and pictures, but are they necessary to create an effective board? Absolutely not!

What goes on your dream board is up to you. So, make it your own! If colorful pictures are your thing, then have at it!

But what if you’re looking for a powerful motivational punch of affirmations and uplifting quotes? Create an entire vision board of words!

Cut out dynamic, motivational words and phrases you see in magazines and newspapers. Better yet – write them yourself in big, bold letters on a sheet of paper.

Make it as simple or as ornate as you’d like. Draw large letters and fill them in with funky designs, or leave each word to stand on its own in black and white.

Print off some of your favorite quotes from inspirational speakers. Use different fonts and sizes for your letters. Soon, you’ll have a vision board packed to the brim with motivating and inspiring words and ideas!

4. Give Your Vision Board a Theme

Some people choose to create one vision board that incorporates many dreams and aspirations into one. And these boards can be quite effective.

But if you’ve got some extra time to spare, and really want to dig into the process, you may want to consider multiple dream boards with different themes.

Create a board for different milestones and goals you wish to pursue. Maybe you’re hoping to pursue a new talent or skill. Fill a dream board with pictures and quotes from famous figures in that niche!

Maybe you’re saving up for a special trip or holiday. Research all the things you’d most like to do once you’re there, and fill a board with postcards and photos!

Don’t have the supplies or time to craft multiple boards? No problem! Try creating a single vision board with a different theme for each corner.

5. Fill Your Dream Board with Past Experiences

It may sound counter-intuitive to include experiences you’ve already had into your dream board, but there’s a good reason behind this technique, don’t worry!

Have you ever had a wonderful night out with friends or family that you wish you could live through time and again? Or taken a spontaneous weekend trip that you frequently reminiscence about? These are perfect experiences for your dream board, and here’s why:

When we remind ourselves of the happy experiences we’ve had in the past, we’re affirming this positive energy to both ourselves, and to the environment around us. If these are experiences we hope to have again, this can be an especially powerful technique.

Include some photos of your favorite cherished memories on your board. When you look at these pictures, remind yourself of the reason you placed them there. What was special about that time? What about that experience would you like to have again? You may be surprised with how circumstances shift to bring you into alignment with similar experiences in the future.

6. Take Your Vision Board Online

Physical vision boards are a fun DIY crafting experience that you can share with friends and family, or simply partake in on your own.

But there are other ways to assemble your dream board if you’re lacking in materials. Take your vision board quest online for a virtual motivational boost.

There are several free apps and websites that offer to help you assemble an online vision board. Do a little research and see what platforms you can dig up for the creation of your board.

Creating a board online gives you plenty of flexibility and versatility. You’ll have the virtual world at your fingertips, and there will be no end to the awesome ideas you’ll be able to incorporate.

In fact, Pinterest has become a popular option for online vision boards. You can easily create a board for any number of themes, and swapping out pictures, quotes, and ideas is as simple as can be.

What do you think of these vision board suggestions? Are you ready to tackle the creation of your dream board? Share these tips with friends and see if they’d like to get in on the DIY action!


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