7 Benefits of Almond Oil, You have No idea About

Almond oil

Almonds are the main powerhouse of nutrition. They are enriched with healthy fats, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Almonds were initially grown in the Middle East. Nowadays, California is the major producer of almonds in the world. California’s almond production has increased to double in the past few years because more and more people are becoming conscious of the health benefits.

Almonds are used as a nutritional source of protein, minerals, phytochemicals, micronutrients and fiber.  The almond derivative has been used as a substitute for cancer treatment, but there is no scientific verification to support this use.

What is almond oil?

Almost half of almond’s weight is due to its oil. Fully-grown almonds are pressed to take out the oil with a small amount of heat.

This unprocessed almond oil keeps the nutrients and the taste of the oil. High temperature and sometimes chemical substances are used to produce refined almond oil.

At the same time as refined almond oil is more tolerant to heat, it may lack the nutritional worth compared to unrefined ones. Almond oil, which is also known as sweet almond oil, is not the same as sour almond oil.

SourAlmond oil is prepared from a different selection of almonds. It is refined to eliminate poisonous elements that are physically present in the coat of the almonds.

Benefits of Almond Oil:

Here are 7 Benefits of Almond oil.

  1. Controls Cholesterol level:

One of the most commonly known advantages of almond oil is its capability to control cholesterol. Regular intake of almond oil increases HDL cholesterol i.e. good cholesterol and decreases LDL i.e. bad cholesterol as a result overall cholesterol level lowers naturally.

Between the high unsaturated fat substances and vitamin E, almond oil permits oxygen and nutrients to run freely throughout your blood, which means that your heart will thank you for presenting it the almond oil.

  1. Decreases the danger of Heart Diseases:

The usage of almond oil as a part of your daily routine, not only controls cholesterol level but also reduces the risk of heart diseases.

If you already have some coronary heart disease, it is highly recommended to add regular almond oil consumption to your diet.

  1. Protects you from Diabetes:

Diabetes occurs when sugar of your blood is raised due to your pancreas being not able to produce insulin appropriately. Almonds and almond oil have been proven to regulate levels of blood sugar and even prevents you from diabetes.

Consumption of almonds in the form of almond oil at breakfast decreases blood sugar and make people feel more filled, keeping them away from the second round of meal that diabetic patients in pre-diabetes period experience.

  1. Helps to Lose Weight:

An almond-enriched daily routine can also help you to lose extra pounds and helps you to lose weight fast.  Research has proven that people who use almond oil on a daily basis lose more weight as compared to those who diet without almonds.

  1. Keeps your rectum and colon strong:

Rectal health is a very famous topic. Almond oil is very helpful to keep you healthy in that particular region.

Eating almonds lessen the risk of colon cancer.  Almond oil insertion is also the first method of treatment to cure kids having are a vital prolapse problem.

Drink two tablespoons of almond oil daily if you are looking for some natural remedy to relieve constipation. Results will be obvious after some days. Some research even suggests that there is a connection between almond oil and relief of irritable bowel disorder.

  1. Relief for Earaches

Earache is a common problem, especially among children. In addition, its causes may vary. There are many other options for relieving ear pain and treating ear illness. One of the natural ear infection remedies is the use of sweet almond oil. It is known for its quick relief of earaches.

It softens earwax and eases blockage in the airing tubes within the ear. Also, the sweet almond oil has been proven harmless for the ear, even if there are minute cuts.

Just warm a spoon in hot water and put two to three drops of almond oil in the spoon. Put this warm oil into the affected ear with the help of a dropper, allowing the warm oil to go down the ear canal and give relief.

 7- For Skin purposes:

Almond oil has been used for years to ease the skin and treat slight wounds and cuts. Other than this almond, oil can improve skin tone. It helps to stable the absorption of moisture and water loss of skin. Since it is antiseptic and full of vitamin A and vitamin E, almond oil can be used for the treatment of acne, heals sunburn, lessen the signs of aging etc.

Almond oil is a great moisturizer and can be used on face or body. You can either apply it straight away or mix it with other oils to get its advantages.

Due to its strong antifungal properties, it prevents from athlete’s foot, ringworm. You can as well use almond oil as a makeup cleanser to gently remove makeup.

Author Bio:

Marry Jojo is a freelance writer and blogger. She also writes best fish oil supplements reviews.


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