7 Simple Tips for You to Heal a Hematoma


If you are a crazy fan of sports, especially strong sports activities, it is understandable that hematoma can often appear on the skin easily. Collisions when moving around your house or after getting trouble in traffic accidents also lead to a hematoma. After blood vessels are damaged, bruises may appear. Any type of injury can cause the breaking of capillaries near the skin surface and then the prolonged leak of red blood cells, the appearance of a red, black or purple bruise on the skin.

These bruises even stay on your skin for a long time without any sign of being depleted. To delete the hematoma quickly, take consideration of our ideal suggestions introduced following in the article.

Home remedies for blemishes

  1. Cold compress

It is pointed out that applying a cold compress to the skin affected by hematoma is a very effective method, especially for sportsmen because people who are fond of sports activities are more vulnerable to the hematoma. To relieve bruising and soreness rapidly, sufferers often apply the remedy utilizing the ice cubs for the reason that the therapy suppresses the nerve and nerve cells activity in the bruise position to ease the pain and thereby reduce the inflammation of the skin area caught hematoma. When a collision occurs, the blood is clot-bruised and difficult to circulate. The patient needs to cover the hematoma areas by a clean towel with some ice cubes included, apply gradually to the affected skin and then, massage the bruise gently to improve the blood circulation and the hematoma dissipation. Continuing the massage for 15 to 20 minutes.

Note: Be careful when implementing the treatment to children and the elderly as these groups of people are hypothermia-prone when being applying a cold compress to their skin.

It is assured that the black or purple color of the bruise you got will fade slightly and shrink gradually in the following day. For a large hematoma area, the skin condition also gets better but more slowly.

  1. The mixture of Aloe Vera and parsley

Not only is one of the herbal for, Aloe Vera also has function of healing bruises and scars resulted in after hematoma effectively.  Especially, when combined with parsley, the mixture is a wonderful source of antibiotic content that helps the wound after collisions quickly recover, reduce the skin swelling and inflammation. The process of the home therapy must be done in the afterward steps including:

  • Make a puree of Aloe Vera and parsley separately.
  • Mix the ground ingredients together.
  • Apply the mixture to the hematoma skin areas.

Get the natural remedy implemented 3 times a day for pain relief and the bruise tarnation.

Also, aloe vera can be a good impetigo home remedy.

  1. Fresh onions

Fresh onions are not commonly used by beauty experts; however, this type of flora is effectively supportive for curing hematoma. Essence contained in fresh onions help inhibit the development of scarring, so it is possible to utilize onions to directly treat skin lesions. To use the simple method to eliminate the hematoma, you need to:

  • Wash 1 onion clearly.
  • Use a knife to cut the onion into thin slices after removing the onion shells.
  • Directly put the prepared slices of onion in the skin areas affected by hematoma.

On the other hand, sufferers can simply crush the onions and place them on the hematoma positions. The helpful essence in fresh onions will dissolve the blood bruise and fade scars effectively. Do not utilize the treatment with open wounded skin areas.

  1. Vinegar

Collisions occur leading to the bruises due to the breakage and wound of the blood vessels under the human skin. Effecting on increasing cardiac output near the skin surface, vinegar perfectly deserves the reputation of “a powerful enemy” of hematoma. To effect the organic method, make a mixture of a glass of warm water and a few drops of vinegar. Then, apply smoothly on the affected skin to speedily dissolve the hematoma under the skin.

  1. Cabbage

It is reasonable to that many people uses cabbage to notice that people often make use of cabbage to get rid of blood bruises because cabbage is rich in vitamin C and vitamin K to help heal wounds briskly. How to use the natural solution for a hematoma is done in the following order.

  • Split the top of the cabbage leaves.
  • Soak the cabbage leaves in hot water.
  • Place the ingredient on the bruises.

How uncomplicated the method is! Follow the mentioned actions to eliminate the ugly hematoma immediately. If you regularly get bruises, add pickled to your diet day by day to support the speedy wound’s rehabilitation.

  1. Boiled eggs

To get the organic medication implemented usefully, the patients need to boil a chicken egg and remove the eggshells. Then, take the chicken egg wrapped in a thin towel and roll the towel evenly in the hematoma surface until the chicken egg is cooled down. Do it day-to-day to get the expected results swiftly. Moreover, for people having dark circles around their eyes, boiled chicken eggs honestly work wonder.

  1. Tea bags

Almost the kinds of tea including green tea, black tea or herbal tea are a tannin-rich source which is a natural compound to help shrink swollen tissue and narrow blood vessels. To say ‘goodbye’ to hematoma instantly, simply dip a tea bag in a bowl of boiling water and then put the tea bag in the bruises.


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