9 Tips for Homepage Design

The home page or Homepage of your website is the first impression of your website or your business. It is therefore wise to take time to build your effective homepage and make you want to stay on your website.

In addition, the homepage is the most visited page: most backlinks point to the homepage. An effective homepage improves the conversion of a website but also the natural SEO SEO of your website by its content and a lower bounce rate. Logic Suite gives you 9 tips for an effective homepage.

  1. A good value proposition

The value proposition is the advantage, the solution that will bring your company, your products, your services or your website to a problem of Internet users.

This is important because it improves the conversion of your website. Find out the best way to present it and in the best place on the homepage. Highlight the services and features of your offer!

  1. Links to your social networking pages

To encourage people to become part of your community and follow your news, links to your social networking pages are interesting. For some, links will lose traffic while others see it as a means of retaining Internet users.

The best is to place them in quite visible places but not in the header for example. Internet users who follow your pages will have more chance to return to your website.

  1. Smooth and intuitive navigation

As in the rest of your website, smooth navigation is necessary for an effective homepage. The user will have a better readability of your website but also of your activity.

Make sure you understand the needs of Internet users to help them through a well-crafted and efficient navigation.

  1. The contact information

Contact information is always appreciated by Internet users. They reveal more about your company and create proximity and exchange. Keep this information up to date, in a footer for example.

  1. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews actively participate in the e-reputation of your company, the authority of your website and SEO SEO. Most users will search for customer reviews before a purchase.

These are elements of reassurance that will establish your legitimacy and your conversion: your activity seems more serious. Highlight the most interesting customer opinions: numbers, company, photos…

  1. A video

A homepage must remain dynamic to be even more effective. For this, the video is a relevant element. A beautiful video presentation of your company or your products can make users want to go further in the navigation and maximize the chances of converting customers. A short video is recommended to avoid a certain heaviness in navigation.

  1. Original and quality images

The different image banks that exist are very practical and full of quality photos and images. However, it is best to use personal photos of your business to show your business, your team or your products in a more personalized way.

The images are often much more important than the text especially on the web: make sure to put in pictures your activity.

  1. Certifications and awards

If you are lucky enough to receive awards, awards or certifications on your business, it is important to show them.

These elements are often given by organizations with strong authority in your sector of activity or that put forward a commitment or know-how. This contributes to the attractiveness of your offer and a better conversion rate.

  1. One or more call-to-action

A home page is often the landing page and the beginning of the conversion funnel. To advance the user and make it become a qualified lead or a customer, it is necessary to create attractive links to more strategic pages: e-shop or shop, blog, quote request, commercial brochure download, contact request… A perfect call-to-action must be clear, precise and make you want.

By following these tips, you will get an effective homepage and you will increase the chances of boosting your conversion rate and the loyalty of your visitors. Do not forget to update it regularly!


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