Akshay Kumar is an overlooked actor: Ileana D’Cruz


Celebrity Ileana D’Cruz seems Akshay Kumar is an overlooked acting professional despite having a large whole body of labor.

Ileana has joined up with the Child acting professional the very new for the future film Rustom and explains the encounter of dealing with him as “amazing”.

“Working with Akshay was a exposure. I wasn’t anticipating it to be the way it did. It was awesome. I’ve viewed mainly his funny movies and I really like him in that,” Ileana informed PTI.

“Akshay has done so many different styles of movies. He has such an awesome chart. But he is one of the most overlooked stars I’ve proved helpful with. Individuals discuss his comedian moment, activity position, but he is amazing over all,” she included.

The 28-year-old “Barfi” celebrity proved helpful with A-listers like Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan in the previous.

But it was when connection with Akshay that amazed her during the capture. “Every field we had was so wonderful. There was such a link, I informed him ‘it is surprising I’ve never had it with any co-star’. We do look excellent on-screen.”

Directed by Tinu Suresh Desai, Rustom is allegedly depending on the 1959 Nanavati situation where naval official Kavas Maneckshaw Nanavati was tried for the killing of his wife’s fan, Prem Ahuja.

Akshay, 48, performs a Naval official in the film while Ileana will be seen as his spouse.

She says the link which they discover is something exclusive.

“It’s a very psychological wonderful film. I’ve never seen the type of connection we have in the film in any other film lately. I don’t think this is something even Akshay has performed before. I am departed,” Ileana said.

Even though the acting professional was “excited and nervous”, Ileana wasn’t too eager to go for the narration of the program previously. “When I went into the conference I wasn’t so thrilled. I said to myself I’ll provide them with 2 time, I don’t know how will it convert out. Then, I heard the first 50 percent and I was all set. It had me connected from the starting.”

Rustom is scheduled to release on Aug 12.

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