Akshay Kumar is the professional of sequels Movies


Efforts and again Akshay Kumar has confirmed his flexibility by discovering different styles. Throughout time, the acting professional, who is known for his power-packed activity as well as his comedian moment, has had a variety of strikes, which have introduced the way for sequels . As ‘Housefull 3‘ helmed by Sajid-Farhad produces on July 3, here are some of the Bollywood superstar’s movies that create him the master of sequels…

Khiladi: Following the achievements of ‘Khiladi’ (1992), the acting professional came to be known as Khiladi Kumar for his smooth activity series. He did eight movies with the same name, the last being ‘Khiladi’ 786 (2012).

Hera Pheri: Akshay’s one-liners are one of the popular features of this 2000 movie, which was that seasons greatest funny. Six decades later, he followed it up with ‘Phir Hera Pheri’, which was desperately expected by the listeners.

Singh is Kinng: With a good amount of activity and humor, this 2008 hit became be a finish performer. Last year, its follow up ‘Singh is Bliing‘ was launched.

Housefull: Manufacturer Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Housefull’ was among the most important performers of 2010. It was transformed into a series with ‘Housefull 2’ (2012), which was also a hit. This motivated producer and Akki to come out with a third hit. With the video set to start up in cinemas recently, Akshay says, “It’s liberating because it indicates the film was experienced so much the first time around that we had no option but to make the follow up. When a series performs, you can’t get away from it. You have to get the viewers what they desire. Sequels provide you with a certain assurance so that you can go all out in the prequel like ‘Housefull 3‘. It’s just more fun for our lovers.”

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