Amazing Cake Ideas for Special Day


Having a sweet and gorgeous wedding cake and dessert in your wedding ceremony is a great way to celebrate this lifetime event. Everyone will love eating these sweet and savory desserts but a wedding cake is something likely special than the other desserts. A wedding cake is a quintessential thing that most brides & grooms are excited about. The couple to put their efforts to make it look extraordinary. Even guests can be appealed by wedding cakes equally to the wedding invitation cards.

Here we are presenting different wedding cake favors to get inspiration for flavors, designs and more. Have a look on the ideas listed below:

Simple white wedding cake

You can incorporate a simple white wedding cake in your wedding. You can either add some attractive logos, plain greenery, and white flowers. It will look great with a bunch of light colored flowers, single layered greenery and just place it on wooden crates or dishes to make it even more attractive. These wedding cake designs look great in rustic, outdoor or barnyard weddings.

Classic & elegant wedding cake

Traditional and classy wedding themes look elegant and personalize your way of living. In this order, décor the wedding cake area with a sweet and pearl shine cake. It will look eye appealing to the guests. Incorporate some accessories, icons of couple’s name, floral motifs and more to make it look more attractive. Express your love and give a touch of red roses to different layers of cake.

Drip wedding cakes

Drip wedding cakes

Order or design a cake that can suit vintage, rustic, classy and traditional wedding themes. Don’t give finishing or fine look to the cake. Use different flavored syrups to make a drip cake. This type of design suits all of the wedding styles. Just choose the colors accordingly and add any of the ones like fruits, flowers, icing and more. Such ideas look amazing in the wedding space.

Printed wedding cakes

It can be a great idea to add different colorful designs and prints on the wedding cake. You can print many designs including wines, twigs, flowers, old photographs, ocean, sky or galaxies. It’s up to you that how would you like to set the theme of your wedding.

Use these creative ideas to serve your guests with exclusive and sweet cake. You can combine any of the wedding cake ideas to make your wedding an amazing event.


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