Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13 july: Ashoka requires Dharma to look at Kaurvaki


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13 July: Kaurvaki was subconscious. Ashoka apologized to her. He said due to him she got very much discomfort. Devi stunned to Saw Ashoka. She requested him if she understood Kaurvaki. Why he did not tell her. Ashoka said to Devi that he did not want to be restrictions. He said he did not want missing his liked ones.

He also said that whoever came in his lifestyle would get much discomfort due to him. He said that his mom resided away from her spouse only because of him and his sibling Drupad went away from him. He said he did not want that Kaurvaki experienced any problems only for him. He said he did not saw Kaurvaki in the discomfort sensation.


Devi said to him that Kaurvaki could not stay without him and he liked from 10 decades. Kaurvaki took Ashoka’s name in her unconsciousness. Devi sat there. Ashoka known as Kaurvaki and she again became subconscious.

Charu Mitra went to Bindushar space. He said he also desired to fulfill with her. She did massage in his go. He said to her that she should management on Suhsim’s rage. She tried to hug him but he said he was very exhausted and desired to do relax. She got upset and said how he insulted her like this.

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She said she was also his spouse and why he did not invest his time with her. He said to her that she was getting incorrect. He said he had an area in his center for her also. Ashoka broken the doorway and requested for her mom. Charu said to Ashoka that he should go to his mother’s space.

Bindu said he would go to get her. Charu got upset. Ashoka took Dharma in Kaurvaki’s space to saw her. Dharma saw Kaurvaki and requested how it occurred. Devi said to Dharma that she did not eat anything and she gets down from the stairways of the forehead.

Dharma said to Ashoka to take therapeutic herbs from her space. She tried to eat it to Kaurvaki but unsuccessful. Ashoka got teary eyed and went out of the space. Dharma came within and Ashoka requested her if she would get excellent. Dharma said he should adhere to her and she went to take some more medications.

Devi said to Ashoka that he would take good care and attention of her now. He said he could not do it. He said Kaurvaki got discomfort only because of him and he did not want to provide her more discomfort. Devi said that God joined up with her with him and she could not stay without him. She said she would hold out outside and he would look after her now.

Will Dharma know the fact of Kaurvaki?


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