Dating startup provider Lunch Actually tie-up with Indonesia’s Setipe

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Now a day people find their partners through the dating app and dating sites. Even the dating sites made easy to choose the true one easy. In a current year, people uses the sites to choose their partners and thousand of marriage are have happened through the dating site. While dating with the new people is a fun one. Dating means many things to different people, especially across the generations. At the love is respect, we explain dating as two as or in some way more than two people in a personal relationship. No matter how you explain dating, it’s a major thing to remember that abuse can happen within all kinds of personal relationships. That’s why it’s essential to understand the warning signs.

Homegrown dating startup company, Lunch Actually Group, brag about to be largest dating company in Southeast Asia and declared earlier of the month and its acquisition of biggest online dating service Indonesia, Setipe for a hidden sum.

About LunchClick Application:

LunchClick, a dating application which is developed by the team behind Lunch Actually Group and therefore it is the only application which totally eliminates the use of chatting in its application. In our experience, using time a lot of time chatting exceptionally leads to the real dates. Initially, we learned that a lot of singles are just not good at the chatting and they tend to something done over through the same questions or not able to represent the best versions of themselves over the chat. Secondly, the singles are often chatting to the various people online at a single time and are arranging at the same times dates with the different people. Thus, it is easy to select and choose, lose the interest and take the matches for accepted. And overall, chatting on the dating application can be a time-consuming method, particularly for working professionals. In the old version, singles could interact with each other from the list of pre-set Question and Answers on the LunchClick application. And 1000 of them have been going on the dates every month in a year, which attach securely our belief that chatting does not certainly assist the singles in meeting the smarter in real life. Still, the team has been continuously on educating and talking to the singles, finding out what they need and keeping up with their requirements. We accomplished that we could not have expected all of the queries that the singles had to get to know about one another.

About Setipe application:

Setipe was launched in the month of the of October in the year 2013 and since it has become Indonesia’s number one Online Dating Service with over 800,000 members and over 200 documented marriages. Setipe app is an online matchmaking platform for the singles to have a private, secure and more efficient place to meet the other compatible singles. More than just an online dating application, the Setipe application is prepared with a personality profiling and the matchmaking engine which is developed with the support of the clinical psychologists to connect the singles with that match. Same like to the Lunch Actually app, Setipe members consist of mainly of working professionals who value the privacy and the confidentiality.

Lunch actually acquires Setipe of Indonesia:

In the month of May 2017, the Lunch Actually group’s southeast largest dating company in Asia, Lunch Actually Group, has officially acquired largest and most trusted online dating platform in Indonesia, Setipe. This obtaining signifies a fruitful and cooperative partnership between the dating giant Lunch Actually Group and the Setipe as the biggest player in Indonesia. Together, they will strengthen their ledge in the country by giving a whole dating solution to the address requires of all serious, singles in Indonesia country.

Since both of the firm’s inception, Lunch Actually Group and the Setipe has been clear about their basic objective; that is to assist serious singles in finding the love. In a day where the hook-ups and the casual dating is the average, their shared vision for assisting the serious singles is the very association that initiated and strengthens this integration. Founder and the CEO of the Setipe, Razi Thalib, and his team at the Setipe will join the 110 people strong team of assistant and also it is known as the Cupids and the Transformers at the Lunch Actually Group.

Violet Lim who is the Co-founder and CEO of Lunch Actually Group and he says that, there are constantly on the lookout for the qualities firms to bring onboard. Therefore with the Setipe application, they have seen the great potential for the synergy in the respective brand of the company, and the company cultures. Having dated for more than one year, they are impressed with what the Razi and the teams have done to grow the Setipe and they are excited to have the complement of the expansion into the Indonesia. He also says with the Setipe’s strong knowledge of the local dating culture with someone and the top of mind brand call up for Indonesian singles, suppressed with our thirteen years of experience, regional presence and has proven the dating offerings, they are confident that they can grow the business to an exceptional level in Indonesia.

According to the Thalib, after three years in the operation, Setipe app has gained the impressive physical resistance with the company and therefore the growth of the company, but for the service to monetize effectively, Indonesia still needs the strong offline services due to small credit card which act of entering the rates and less than half of the population having the Internet access. Therefore the Lunch Actually Group carries the huge value to the table by leveraging their wide in range of experience, regional access and composed with Setipe which gives a comprehensive portfolio of the dating platform from the offline matchmaking, online dating sites, and the mobile dating application, as well as date coaching services of the site.

Rudy Ramawy who is the Managing Partner of the Lippo backed venture capital Company Ventura Capital, and the first investor of the Setipe said that The Lunch Actually Group Company and the Setipe agreement is a match which is made at the right time. Lunch Actually Group’s wealth of the experience in dating industry of Asia, combined with the deep Indonesian insights of Setipe, will throw this firm to the new heights. He says he have the confident that the combined the team and they will help so much more people to meet their right one and serious partners.

With this acquisition, Setipe will come under the Lunch Actually Group’s stable of the brands which including the Lunch Actually, esync, LunchClick and the Lunch Actually Academy. The Group will aid a growing number of 2 million singles users in Indonesia. Thalib will endure as the CEO of Setipe and will also control the Lunch Actually Groups of Indonesian operations.

Lim said that they are very much excited about the new opportunities which are opened up by the acquisition and they are confident in that. After that, they are a now stronger position to serve the singles in Indonesia. They look forward to the quadrupling the company revenues in Indonesia by the end of this year and therefore accelerating the goal of the company by creating 1,000,000 happy marriages which are happened through the sites.

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