Do I Need to Avoid Dairy When Planning to Lose Weight

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Dairy products are one of the greatest sources of protein, calcium, fat, and too many to describe. Therefore, dairy products are indeed good for overall health. However, in some cases, giving up dairy products has some significant values. You can experience an immediate reduction when you give up dairy. For example, the size of your waist will keep reducing as soon as you stop dairy. You can also experience a great change in your weight as well as in the shape of your belly. Here are some notable things that happen when you give up dairy.

You Will Lose Some Weight:

As soon as you give up dairy products like milk, cream, butter, etc. you will experience a change in your body weight. Many people out there believe that consumption of dairy products help to stay healthier and get slimmer. However, the fact is- dairy products help in gaining more weight over time. Dairy products are indeed very good, and sometimes are essential for health. However, when you are thinking of losing some extra pounds by any means, dieting or hitting the gym, giving up dairy can provide you with something positive.

According to a recent study, going dairy-free can be an efficient way for weight loss. Though there is no strong evidence that going dairy-free will instantly boost your weight loss journey. It can be guessed that the less you consume fatty ingredients, the faster you will lose weight. Apart from avoiding dairy products, you can also try these Weight Loss Exercises for a faster result.

You Will Have Better Digestion:

You might know that dairy products like milk and butter contain lactose. If you are one of those people who is having a gastrointestinal condition, you might find it is difficult to digest lactose. So, you will have a better digestion when you avoid dairy products. Again, you are more likely to avoid the risk of lung and breast cancer when you consume less dairy.

You Will Cut Down Diabetes Risks:

You might get puzzled to see the alluring advertisement of fat-free dairy. However, the crucial fact is- processed fat-free dairy products are actually dangerous for human health. According to the AJCN (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition), “Processed fat-free dairy products increase the risk of diabetes.”

There are many reasons you will find that support you to go dairy-free. But, you should never try fat-free dairy to consume less fat, protein, and calories even when eating dairy products. Again, there are high possibilities of sugar intake through processed dairy products that lead towards obesity.

You Will Require Less Makeup:

It might sound like a laughing stock to you that you will require less makeup or no makeup at all when going dairy free. But, the fact is- dairy products like milk, butter, cream, etc. trigger acne as well as other skin issues that you can avoid while going dairy free.

According to a research conducted by the Dartmouth Medical School, milk or milk-based products contain testosterone-like hormones that stimulate our oil glands in the skin and cause acne, pimple, and so many skin issues.

So, when you are going dairy-free, you are less likely to be affected by such breakouts like acne and pimple. Therefore, you will require less makeup or no makeup at all when avoiding dairy products.

If you are still wondering whether you should avoid dairy to lose some weight or not, you better consult a professional. We seriously discourage people from avoiding any foods without strong reasons. However, you are always welcome to consume controversial foods as less as you can, and at the same time do some exercise on an Exercise Bike to accelerate your weight loss mission.


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