Footwear Styles That a Man Must Know

Footwear Styles That a Man Must Know

When it comes to fashion, no look would be complete without some nice footwear. From shoes to flipflop slippers, there will always be a pair that could match your clothes. In men’s fashion, shoes are a big part of your overall look, which is why you should always pick the best ones. Whether it be a formal or casual occasion, getting the right footwear will make you stand out. With this in mind, here are some footwear styles that every man must know.

Dress Shoes

01_Dress Shoes

One footwear staple that every man must have is a good pair of dress shoes for formal occasions, like business meetings, parties, and weddings. Having the right pair of dress shoes will add a good amount of class and style to what you are wearing. If you are looking for footwear that is simple, classy, and effective, you can rarely go wrong with some dress shoes. For colors, only get dress shoes that are either black or brown, as they blend well with every formal style.

Athletic/Sports Shoes

02_sports shoes

Thinking of hitting the gym, or play some sports, make sure you have the right pair of sport shoes that will help you perform with no hassle. Athletic and sports shoes provide the best amount of comfort and security to your feet, provided that you pick one for the right sport. There are shoes for running and training, football, basketball, tennis, golf, and much more. Athletic and sports shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes around and are also some of the flashiest as well.

Boat Shoes

03_Boat Shoes

If you are looking to go semi-casual, boat shoes are the way to go. They are comfy and light on the feet, and are easy to sip on. Plus, they look really stylish, and you would not look out of place if the occasion gets a bit more formal than usual. Boat shoes come in a variety of colors as well, which would make sure that you have the right colors to match most of your looks.



Perhaps the ultimate form of casual footwear, sneakers are classic staples that go well with almost everything. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from, making sure that you would find the right pair. They are comfortable and secure on your feet as well, letting you go where you want to go without worrying about your feet.

Slippers and Sandals


If you plan on going outdoors, like the beach, then a pair of sandals or slippers would be the best choice. Sandals and slippers provide some comfort and lightness to your feet, while also letting it breathe. The variety of colors available would also help fit your summer look, allowing you mix and match until you’ve found the right combination.



Heavy, secure, yet stylish, boots are quite the combination. Boots work in both formal and casual occasions and will add some excitement in your look. Some boots are good for going outdoors as well, which makes sure that you are able to traverse some rough terrains should you go for a hike.

Key Takeaway

Men’s fashion offers up a good number of footwear that would fit the occasion, which makes it hard to go wrong. With these footwear styles, you would be guaranteed that you’ll be stylish wherever you decide to go.

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