Homes with Internet Services Sell Fast


These days, many Home Internet Providers choose to fortify certain domestic projects with basic Internet services – which increases the properties’ net worth within the real estate market

In today’s world, it really isn’t easy to get by without having access to a reliable Internet service. The World Wide Web not only caters to the bulk of our professional office-based & academic concerns, but also seeks to appease many of our digital entertainment requirements.

Personally, I cannot even contemplate going through my busy workweek without streaming at least four movies and one TV season on my Netflix account – for which I continuously need a high-speed Internet service looming in the background.

When I first embarked upon my real-estate hunt over 2 years ago (fresh out of an Ivy League college, and having just started my first job at a renowned I.T company), searching for a home with a default Internet service happened to be my first priority. For this reason, I consulted many home Internet providers beforehand, to see if they provided in-built coverage within the mid-western territorial location that I fancied.

At that time, only Charter seemed to be broadcasting its services in this respect.

After paying a hefty $155, 000 (inclusive of the $400 demanded by the Internet provider) settlement check for a house in Douglas County, Omaha, I began living life on my terms. Even though I’m not a real-estate analyst (or even an affiliate, by any measure), I knew then that my house – if I ever decided to sell it – would fetch a handsome price on account of its Internet provisions. But at the time of making the purchase, I had no way of knowing how ‘handsome’ indeed this transaction would prove – as it did when I put the property up for sale only 4 months from the time of writing this account.

The house that I bought and lived in throughout the last years of my bachelorhood days, and the initial period of my marriage, ended up fetching a staggering $213, 000 (in only 1 weeks’ time) in the housing market. And the availability of the Internet service that I just mentioned had a big role to play in this incremental sale. The couple that bought the property from me and my wife, in fact, only agreed to the deal solely because of this neat caveat – which even now is rare in the area that I just referred to.

Based on what I understand, a home sells fast if it has a good internet connection.

It was only after I read an article related to this issue in the Wall Street Journal that I came to know that such was indeed the case – according to the research findings of several academics (most notably from the University of Colorado) detailed in the piece.


And it is not hard to understand the reasoning behind this price escalation.

Anyone who regularly likes to download or stream heavy multimedia content from the Internet (be it HD Movies, Music or TV serials) knows that more and more websites require high bandwidth speeds to provide a comprehensive user-experience on their web platforms. A lackluster Internet service stands little chance of providing such a satisfactory exchange. Another factor that impinges on the speed of an Internet subscription is the variable rates of traffic on the service network during peak & off-peak hours – with speeds normally seen to deteriorate sharply during the former daily timeframes.

I must add that staging and home décor are also an important factor that affects the price of a home. A lot of real estate agents recommend hiring professional staging experts to stage their homes.

I have heard stories (related to me by a number of my acquaintances) about dodgy realtors and home Internet providers who try to force gullible buyers into buying homes with poor connection services – and at infuriatingly high rates. In order to offset such a possibility from accruing, I believe it’s always best to subscribe to the monthly services of reputable ISPs. Even if they charge more than their local counterparts, they are more susceptible to the threat of bad reviews and their customers’ disapproval – and so strive to deliver relatively better services.

Making good choices, after all, is a must in any domain of life; it needs not be said…


If you’re currently in the process of making a real-estate investment (with the intention of selling the property in a few years’ time), I’d recommend that you go for a house with a solid Internet connection. Not only will such a decision save you many hundreds of dollars in annual expenses, but will also raise the value of your purchase to the same degree as an extra fireplace of the bathroom would.

Think of your inbuilt Internet service as an embellishment – one that promises abundant value both within the present time and in the future.


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