How are brains different from computers?


Human brains are incredibly complex in its working. In this new era of technology, science has evolved so much and enabled us to study the human brain, we still not know about the proper working of the brain. People often relate human brain to a computer.

It has some similarities with the computer but it is completely different from computers. It sounds very easy to build a machine that can work just like a human brain but it is not.

A computer can analyze the problem and give possible solutions but it cannot adapt and act accordingly like human brains. You have to tell a computer what to do; it cannot perform any task by adapting or learning from the situations.

On the contrary, human brains are totally opposite; they learn from past mistakes, adapt and behave accordingly. In this article, we will provide all the information and reasons of how brains are different from computers.

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INFORMATION TRANSFER: Computers and brains work to transmit information inside its system.

The biggest difference between the two is that the brain uses chemicals to transmit information throughout the body and computer uses electrical signals. Even though slight electric signals also travel through neurons in the brain but these electric signals travel faster in wires of a computer.

 The human brain is really complex and scientists have been researching on it for a long time but still don’t know about it completely. Information transfer through chemicals in the brain is an impressive example of fast data transfer like in circuits.

BRAINS ARE ANALOGUE, COMPUTERS ARE DIGITAL: Computers work on digital binary principles. A computer uses switches which are either “on” or “off”. This binary operation does not work in human brains.

 Neurons in brains are more than just “on” and “off” because of the excitability of the neurons in the brain. This excitability of neurons is ever changing because a neuron receives messages from the cells through synaptic contact all the time. This information is transferred and altered by firing a potential action through neurons but it does not occur is computers.


MEMORY GROWTH: Human brains and computers vary completely in memory growth. Computer use memory chips to increase their memory but on the contrary, brains need to develop a strong synaptic contact in order to increase its memorizing ability.

 It is really easy to install memory chips in a computer but developing a strong synaptic contact is not that easy. It needs a proper practice and training of muscles and synaptic cells and neurons. Short term memory of human brain also differs from computer RAMs.

LEARNING AND ADAPTABILITY: Brains are real quick in finding solutions in critical situations. They adapt accordingly and fight their way to the problem.

They also learn quickly in all kind of situations and help humans to do their work properly. On the contrary, computers need someone to command them. Computers perform as they are told and not more.


DAMAGE REPAIR: Both computers and brains are sensitive parts and are difficult to repair. Computers are somehow repaired more easily because you just have to buy new parts and the computer is up an running.

The brains are really complex parts of the body and are very difficult to repair.

However, some work is done to cure neurological diseases and repair the damaged parts through treatment but this is all in progress. Sometimes there is a backup system in brains and when some part of it is affected the other part supports its function.

Here are all the differences between a human brain and a computer. This information will surely prove that the human brain and computers are different from each other.

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