How CatchMe is better than WhatsApp to share your live location in real-time with your family & friends


Recently the most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has added a new feature that lets you share your real-time live location with your friends & family members. Such addition may seem like a blow to established live location sharing apps like CatchMe but it isn’t much impactful as it seems.

There are lots of features comprised in the CatchMe along with the live-location sharing feature which makes it a perfect friends & family locator app. Whatsapp is primarily an instant messaging app, not a live-location sharing app, whereas CatchMe is primarily a live-location sharing app having many more useful location-based features.

What are the significant features of CatchMe?

CatchMe is a friends & family locator app which is primarily used to share your live location in real-time with your family & friends. CatchMe is a simple and secure way to let people know where you are, whether you’re meeting up with friends or letting your family members know you’re safe.

There are some more features as listed below.

  • Meeting Circle (Geo-Fencing)
  • SOS Feature
  • Keyword Search Feature
  • Chat Feature

How is CatchMe different from WhatsApp apart from Live Location Share Feature?
There are many elements on the basis of which we can find CatchMe more useful as a live-location sharing app for a general user. Let’s have a quick glance on some of the significant elements through following points.

  1. Privacy Concerns: As a CatchMe user you can customize the way you want to show your location to the world. You get two types of choices. The first choice you get is to keep your location availability as “Live” or “Static” and after that, you can make its visibility either “Public” or “Private”.
  2. SOS Feature: You can save a set of trusted contacts that will be notified in case of emergency. CatchMe provides you easily accessible one-touch button for sending alerts. The SOS feature can be enabled to notify not only the preset contacts but also the nearest policemen as well as medical personnel. The siren based alert on CatchMe as well as normal messaging will make it harder to ignore and hence, it makes you secure efficiently.
  3. Keyword Search Feature: This is a unique feature which lets the user easily identified through their skill/profession at the local level. For example, if someone searches the keyword “doctor” in CatchMe app, then he will get locations of nearest available doctors with their latest location details.
  4. Meeting Circle or Geo-Fencing: By marking a particular area and adding some contacts as participants, you get notified whenever that contact enters or exits that marked area. This feature makes CatchMe a perfect friends & family locator app because of this feature parents as can ensure the safety of their child by knowing whether their kids are reaching & leaving the school at the time. If your son/daughter is a teenager then you will be notified instantly if they enter some area where they shouldn’t!

After reviewing all these benefits of CatchMe over WhatsApp as a better live-location sharing feature based app, we can conclude that CatchMe is a perfect friends & family locator app. For more features and details visit the official website of CatchMe at Download the app from Google Play Store, click NOW! Be safe, stay connected with CatchMe!


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