How to Get Online Indian Tourist Visa Easily


If you are soon going to visit India and seeking an Indian visa from the USA or any other countries, we can certainly assist you in getting a tourist visa for India.

The Indian Visa application process is considered a bit complex process as it always gets modified. It becomes a bit more complicated as you may find lots of online portals posing as “official” portal for Indian visa application. Through this article, we are going to share crucial tips which you should keep in mind while submitting Online Application for Indian Tourist Visa and get it easily.

How can you apply for the Indian E-Visa Online?

There are two ways through which you can go for Online Application for Indian Tourist Visa:

  1. Portal: This is the smooth way as they have a tourist visa for India on time, that too in a hassle-free manner. Visit the eIndiaOnlineVisa portal and after filling the easily understandable form, you just relax and let eIndiaOnlineVisa do the further work.
  2. Indian Government Website. You have to provide all the required and follow the instructions laid out on a time-bound basis. If you miss the time limit or forget some document, then you need to apply again from the beginning along with paying the fees again. You need to remember and follow the visa application related procedure strictly.

How to Get a Tourist Visa for India (for staying less than 60 days)

Let’s have a quick look on some of the points to keep in mind if you are filling Online Application for Indian Tourist Visa

  1. You must have the visa issued BEFORE you visit India
    Generally; the regular Indian Tourist Visa Application requires a week to get processed, though sometimes you may get it within a week. The emergency visa needs in between 24 to 48 hours to get allotted. So try to give ample amount of time for the processing of Indian Tourist Visa and avoid the last moment rush situation. You must have the visa issued BEFORE you visit India, otherwise, you will need to change the flights.


  1. Keep the India Visa Application time synchronized with your travel plan
    For Indian Tourist Visa Application, there is a specific window. As to avoid the last moment rush, you should apply 4 or 5 days before the Day of Arrival to India. But you can not apply for the Indian Tourist Visa too ahead of time. As per the latest ruling implemented by the Government of India, now you can apply within 180 days of your day of arrival to India, which was just 30 days before that ruling.
  2. Check Whether Your Country is Eligible for Indian E-Tourist Visa
    More than 150 countries are eligible for the e-tourist visa application. You should also know that an “eVisa” is different from a “visa on arrival” for India. The Visa on Arrival process is different from the process you see in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Jordan and many other countries. Check this list of countries which are valid for e-visa application to India at our official website

If you are going to visit India in near future then just visit Portal and Online Application for Indian Tourist Visa. The eIndiaOnlineVisa team will process it quickly & also provide you further support, if required.


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