How to Give The Best Gifts for New Year With Online Home Services


Are you a nuclear family living in a metropolitan city? Do you own a house? Let us imagine, you and your spouse are working professionals with the children attending school. There is hardly any time left for the family except for the weekends, Saturday and Sunday. On the weekends, the laundry has to be taken care of, and other jobs for the week have to be scheduled. Life has become mechanical. But the challenge has come in the form of your parents. They are coming after fifteen days to attend a wedding near your town.

After the message, your wife is in a dilemma. Your house completed five years. Now it needs whitewashing, painting and the bathroom should also be cleaned. Where will you look for all kinds of technicians? Even the door needs a small screw to be tightened. The windows creak when opened. The water tap in the kitchen is broken and closed for a week. Because of your parents, you wanted to give a new switchboard to a room. The reason, your parents can easily switch on the light if they need an item or for any other purpose. To search for a painter, carpenter and other handyman services within a short time is an uphill task. And someone has to be at home when the handyman comes to offer his services.

You also understand the thoughts of your wife. She will be the first person blamed by your family for all the repairs needed at your house. Never mind her working status.  The New Year 2018 has come and you want to give a valuable gift to her. But, the scenario has changed due to the arrival of your parents.

You keep updates about the recent developments in the business industry. You very well know there are a new set of home service companies which provide quality doorstep handyman services in metropolitan cities. These companies have apps on the Google Play store. They can be downloaded and installed on the mobile to book the services.

For example, if your house needs an electrician in Bangalore, you can book the relevant service via the app. You get other information regarding the charges and review ratings of previous customers. Now you can select the best electrician as per your requirement.

handyman services in Bangalore

The biggest advantage is you can opt for the service when you have free time. The concerned electrician can arrive at your house at the scheduled time and complete the job. These companies do not include hidden charges in their bills. You will receive the final bill statement in your registered email after making the payment.

Now compare your situation. You need a painter, carpenter and maybe, other handyman professionals. Don’t you feel that it is easy to book all the services with the same company? You can take leave on a particular day and these professionals can come and complete their work.

You can get all the handyman services on a common platform. You inform your wife about the decision to book the handyman services from the best home service company. She was surprised but because of the time factor she relented. So you took a day off and called for all the three services – painter, plumber and electrician at different times of the day.

You first booked the plumber service and he came and completed the work at 8 am. The tap works fine.

Then you fixed the appointment for the electrician at 9 am and he also completed the job.

The painter came at 10 am and he told you the time duration is two days. But, he will bring his team. You relented and called two of your relatives for help. The painter came along with three men and completed the painting within three days.

All the jobs, painting services, plumbing services, electrical repair and maintenance services were of top quality. Your wife heaved a sigh of relief.

The prices were of standard rates and there were no hidden charges. Now, is there a doubt why these companies are most sought-after by residents of metropolitan cities?

Your wife thinks, apart from the Rs 30,000 Kanjeevaram saree gifted to her, this was the most memorable NEW YEAR GIFT for 2018. You draw a dry smile.

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Now shall we consider the hassles if you follow the Do-it-yourself method?

  • You need a painter, electrician and plumber. Being a working professional, you need to ask for referrals. The next is the most difficult part. You need to take their mobile numbers, contact them, ask about their availability and compare the prices.
  • You will always harbor a doubt about their skills.

Consider the other business model given by the home services companies.

  • You download the app. You book the service as per your convenience. You also get information about the ratings and skills of the technicians from their previous customers.
  • You do not have to wait for the technician.
  • All the jobs will be completed at your convenient time. The companies conduct background verification for their technicians before including their name in the customer-vendor list.

In the future, you need not worry about referrals when it comes to handyman services in any of the metropolitan cities. What do you say?


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