Hrithik’s New Mohenjo Daro Music Looks Like It’s Set in Historical Egypt


Do over. Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde dance and execute by candlestick mild in the Outstanding Bath of the Indus Place Civilisation in Tu Hai, the new songs from house Ashutosh Gowariker’s period aspect Mohenjo Daro.

With every look into the whole world booming by Sarman and Chaani, the numbers done by Hrithik and Pooja, it becomes gradually apparent that one ought not can be thought conventional perfection from Mohenjo Daro – from Chaani’s Grecian drapes to the weather lighting in the Outstanding Bath, nothing looks authentic. The developing seems far more developed for conventional The red sea, had conventional Egyptians used dhotis and turbans.

Tu Hai seems to documents a practice of some type, in the center of which Sarman and Chaani execute key loving efforts as everyone around – Kabir Bedi’s bad guy engaged – helpfully looks the other way.

Watch Mohenjo Daro Latest Songs :


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