Lata Mangeshkar requests lovers to keep in mind and donate for brave military on her birthday


Famous singer and Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar has made quite an uncommon and heart-touching entice her lovers ahead of her 87th birthday, coming next week. Lata ji has asked for her lovers to remember the brave Native Indian military on the borders and donate money to their families.

In an attraction, she requested her well-wishers to stay away from delivering her blossoms, sweets, cakes and greeting cards. Instead, she requested her lovers to give money from these things to the brave soldier brothers.

She included that whatever we do for the military is not enough, as they lay their lifestyles just to secure us.

She said: “I believe that mom, dad, teacher, motherland and the parents of the motherland, our brave military… Whatever we do for them, it is not enough. Our military… who don’t think twice before compromising their lifestyles for defending our nation… Because of them we feel secure.”

“Hence, it is also our bounden responsibility to do something for them, whatever we can,” Lata said, including that on her aspect, she has created a participation for the newly-created Military Well being Finance Fight Accidents fund.

“I shall consider it a favor, if you all can, as per your potential, create your participation for this. I am assured I shall keep get your really like, passion and delights always. Jai Hind, Vande Mataram,” Lata, who will turn 87 on Sept 28, advised her lovers.

Last Sunday, Lata had criticized the fear strikes in Uri, Jammu & Kashmir and required the best activity against the criminals.

“I consider the Uri terror attacks as an example of cowardice… These criminals must be returned in the same money… That will be a actual honor to all our martyred soldier brothers,” said Lata, who has sang ratings of underworld loyal music in her singing career.


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