Latest 4 types of Party wear sarees designs in Bollywood styles

Party wear sarees designs in Bollywood

  1. Fancy Florals
    Bollywood celebs in floral sarees

Floral designs are virtually on the upswing. From sarees to borders, pallus, lehengas, blouses – and accessories – flora are all over. Floral Sarees have a freshness that’s unmatched – and are vibrant, girly and youthful. Floral prints, floral Kalamkari designs, flowery gildings and embroideries, spring looks to have touched all varieties of party-wear and wedding ceremony sarees.

Feminine Floral
Party wear sarees designs in Bollywood
Incorporate female floral in your saree dresser this season in as many methods as possible. Look like an ingénue straight out of a YRF film – when you drape white based totally chiffon with spring-hued flora scattered all over. Or, go the subtler way in this 1/2 and 1/2 saree with a floral print pallu!

2. Rich Indian Handlooms
Bollywood Celebs in Handloom Sarees
Party wear sarees designs in Bollywood

Timeless, elegant and evergreen – the lush Indian handloom Party wear sarees have made an important come back, thanks to avid handloom promoters, many brands and Indian silk handlooms enthusiasts like Vidya Balan and Rekha. Earlier thought of solely as grand wedding and bridal sarees, Kanjeevarams and Banarasis donned lighter appears – and have been seen at parties, movie premiers and award functions. Linen sarees, cotton silk sarees, and other comparable trends are also on a revival route – thanks to Bollywood.

Hypnotic Handlooms

Party wear sarees designs in Bollywood
Stun your audiences, as you gown up in pure Indian culture in a wealthy Banarasi saree like this one! Handlooms, however, do now not imply silks always. So, you may additionally pick lighter variations in regional sarees. To brush up on your information of saree types, examine about 12 top notch Regional Sarees of India!

3.The Pink Splendor
Bollywood Celebs in Pink Sarees
Party wear sarees designs in Bollywood

The color of love has always been a favored of celebrities, thanks to the romantic issues of our movies. Pink is also a female and auspicious color. Almost all colors of crimson go nicely with the Indian setups and Indian complexion. So, unsurprisingly, we shall see a barrage of Indian beauties, donning this splendid hue in all its myriad colorings and tints.

Passionate Pinks
Party wear sarees designs in Bollywood
While the eternal romance of pale, blush and toddler pinks refuses to fade, the powerful and fierce types of this female hue – thanks to the movie PINK – are in all places in the Indian fashion scene. Pink party-wear sarees are pretty popular, and thus, a must-have now!

  1. Vibrant Hot Hues
    Bollywood Celebs in Orange Sarees

Party wear sarees designs in Bollywood
The vibrancy of flaming fiery colorations is imperative to the Indian fashion sensibilities. Considered auspicious and lucky, these colors forever locate their way in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. Even our stunning celebs are no longer immune to them – and while in the ultimate season, we did witness a bias in the direction of neutrals/ delicate shades, designers managed to contain the flashes of yellows and shiny tangerines in all sarees – in some way or the other!

Vivacious Vibrancies
Party wear sarees designs in Bollywood
Grab eyeballs at Indian ceremonies and pre-wedding parties, dressed in flaming colors of red, orange and peppy yellows. To seem different, though, you might also select a great party-wear saree with crochet and net detail like this one!

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