Managed hosting for E-commerce websites

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E-commerce is a big platform and it is noticing a new strap of life over the world as millions of customers are perceiving the benefits of shopping online. As the numbers of e-commerce sites are increasing, because of the increase in sales prospects. There are multiple businesses who are not aware of hosting and other basic things that are required to run the online business. In this article, we will talk about how managed hosting is beneficial for your eCommerce websites.

Managed hosting is a service that is offered by web hosting if you are planning to run eCommerce website on their dedicated servers, VPS or cloud server.  There are two types of managed hosting services that are exactly similar, it means your provider will monitor your hardware, operating systems, system software. This includes multiple activities like setting up and configure hardware – software, undertaking system maintenance, monitoring and updates, 24*7 supports along with technical support.

Different type of managed hosting

As mentioned above, there are two types of managed hosting that you can select from: Fully managed and partially managed. However, it is your responsibility to compare and choose the plans as per your requirement.

In fully managed hosting, Your provider holds the complete responsibility to monitor your server including technical maintenance and performance. Whereas in partially managed hosting, You need to take care of your server by yourself.  The option you decide to opt for the service is completely your choice and it relies on your skills. Like, how efficiently you can manage the server and how much time you can give to monitor the server or you can leave it to the experts.

Every hosting provider offers multiple types of server management service. It’s up to you to choose the plan as per your need. Such as dedicated hosting, Cheap Linux VPS and cloud hosting all have parallel attributes expect few things that are unique and offers specific features that are necessary while implementing.

Know how managed hosting is beneficial for eCommerce business

#1) Secure management:-

One of the extensive advantages of managed hosting is that it assists in preventing the problems. There n numbers of issues that providers need to detect and deal before getting into serious issues.  Generally, issues like monitoring software compatibility, security scans and monitoring the performance, etc.

#2) Loading speed:-

It is universal fact that website with slow speed affect the search engine ranking and get way potential customers. It is appraised that every second that your pages take to load will cost you 7% of turnover! While some of the loading slack is due to the configuration of your website or server speed. In managed hosting, your server is observed to detect the performance issues and ensure that your website gets load easily and quickly.

#3) Lower the cost:-

Monitoring your own server would require you to have the in-house expertise. As to perform that task you’ll need the similar standard that your web host does.  However, this would be more expensive as compared to managed services. Even if you have already appointed an IT staff, they give more output if you lower down their responsibility by passing over to a service provider.

Additionally, a managed service helps to decrease the cost of assisting to prevent loss of performance and security issues and eliminate the necessity for maintenance and upgrades.

#4) Security:-

eCommerce website overlooks various types of security threats like hacking, DDoS attacks, data theft, etc. A managed hosting service takes care of the security term for you and secures your site from attacks. This enables you to offer your services and products to the audience in a safe and secure way.

#5) Availability:-

Uptime of an e-commerce website is must! Downtime leads to loss of potential customers and the huge loss of business. Most of hosting provider offers high uptime in their plan and ensure maximum uptime to stay online.

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