New Update from WhatsApp displeases the Users


Things have changed and the way people to stay connected with their friends and family. There was a time people used to send and receive postcards and Inland letters. Those kinds of things have been long forgotten and it is evident that it is only the older generation who has stick to the tradition of sending the letter to their near and dear ones.

At present, it is evident that the people and youngsters from this generation do use their smart devices predominantly rather than any other products. It helps them to stay occupied throughout the day. WhatsApp is one such messenger which has the millions of people occupied throughout the day. The tech geeks have been bringing new kinds of features to the app.

In the recent past, there have been many new and interesting updates which have happened on Whatsapp. Most of the updates which have been done on the app seem to be pretty good. There is one particular update which has made the users a bit annoyed. It is a fact that, this new update was something which they did not expect to happen in the first place.

They have many different kinds of updates, like Video Call, attachment of documents and then came the status update. This particular update was similar to that of Snapchat; it is evident that Whatsapp has cloned it in this feature. A user will be able to update their status with a short video or image of their choice and it will be active for 24 hours from the time of the post.

A status update which was available in Whatsapp previously was much better than the one which is available now. It is a fact that, this new update of the feature is a bit different and to some extent interesting as well. Apart from just updating the status and having it posted for 24 hours, we will also be able to know which of our contacts have viewed the status update which we have done.

Once the status of the user from the contact list is updated, we will be able to see a dot like an icon showing that there are new updates to checkout. Unfortunately, this update has made millions of the people across the world disappointed. They were actually not glad and happy with the new kind of status update. In fact, the users were glad about the old status feature and really did want it back.

The demand for bringing the old “Text” based feature for the status update went on a high note. WhatsApp had to bring back the old kind of status feature, as users demand it had risen exponentially. The only reason behind the request of the users to bring back the old status is because; they were unable to update the status in the text format.

At present, the status update feature on the app is still intact and we can update it only with and image or video. The users will do have an option where they will be able to quote the image or the video which they have uploaded on their account. There are millions of users who would like to have their old status feature back, rather than having this new status feature.

Whatsapp has looked into this particular issue and has decided to bring in the old status feature back as per the request from most of the users. This new update for the old status feature is actually under a different name. As there are people who would like to have the new status feature. Hence, the company decided that they will have both the old status feature and the new status feature as well.

The old status feature would be under the name of “About” rather than status like it previously used to be. All the user needs to do is update their status similarly the way they used to do, but the only difference will be that it will be under the name as “About & Phone Number”. If the people have not been able to find the new updated feature for the status, they need to update their app.

We need to go into the settings and select our profile and, we will be able to find the About & Phone right below the profile picture. Select the edit icon to the right of the text and we will be able to edit the status. The old default status updates are available as well, like Available, Busy, at school, Sleeping, Battery about to die and a few more.

Users are glad that, they are able to update their status on WhatsApp the old fashioned way, where there is no requirement for them to add any image or video. The only slight difference here is that the name would be a different one and not as status. There is another way in which the users can update is they can even about themselves, what they feel about themselves, as the name goes by as about.

Meanwhile, there is another addition which has been done to the Whatsapp keyboard. Whatsapp has added the GIF support to the keyboard of Google’s keyboard app. It is said that the GIF has been available on Android for almost 2 months now. There have many updates done in the app and one of an update was sending gifs to our friends which would be a 6-second video.

Though the company has brought back the old text status feature, still the Snapchat-like status update seems to remain and the users can still use it as well. Unfortunately, there is a missing piece in this complete updates of Whatsapp. The contacts tab has disappeared and if we need to view the contacts, the only way we can do that is by selecting the new message icon on the chat tab which is available to the right bottom corner and similarly we can make the call, by selecting the call icon in the call tab.

People were happy with the old status update; there have been modifications in the app. Now instead of the contacts tab, we now have the status tab, though the status tab is quite interesting as we will be able to share multimedia and images with our friends and family. Apart from that, we have an option where we can respond to each and every status update which is available on the tab. We can update more than one status update at once and it will be active for 24 hours alone.

There is a new update which Whatsapp is working if we change our number on Whatsapp, our contact will be notified about the change. It means that we will not be able to hide the number change which we might be doing. This update is not yet to be launched for public usage and is still available only in the beta version of the app.

It is not only the details regards to changes made with the phone number, the contacts will be notified even there is any change in the user’s profile. This new update is yet to be confirmed and is said that it has been seen in the beta version of the app. If this new feature is rolled out for public usage, then it is for sure that the users would actually condemn this and ask Whatsapp to revoke this particular feature as well. WhatsApp is making efforts to bring the best ever possible features for its users to use, but it should make sure in the first place whether people would actually like the change or not. It’s a way to go for Whatsapp on a new path and put the right foot forward.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dectar a well-known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Scimbo – Whatsapp Clone Script. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.


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