Party Planning: How to Organize a Wine Tasting Event


If you’re looking for ways to spend the night away on a weekend, and are getting tired of the same old bucket of beer and nachos, maybe the night will be better off with some wines and spirits. In the Philippines, wines are becoming a great way to spend special occasions, however without familiarity with the brands and types of this liquor it may be hard to proceed.

Perhaps organize a wine tasting event for you and your friends? It can be a good way to spend the night [or the day], not only will you become familiar with wines and spirits but you’ll also experience a new drinking adventure with your friends. All you need is to work on your homework, get some supplies and contact your friends. It’s easy, but of course, you also need to follow these tips for the event to proceed as seamless as possible.



  1. Pick a theme. Organizing a wine tasting event isn’t close to setting up a pajama party on a Friday. In order to set the right mood to enjoy the wines, you need to choose what type of wines are included in the wine tasting. What better way to proceed on with this is to pick a theme that will serve as a guide to your decision making. Among the themes you can use are:
    1. Wines according to the region (in this case, regions in the Philippines): lambanog, tuba, basi, bugnay, or tapuey.
    2. Authentic variants from the different parts of the world: Russia, the Americas, or Asia
    3. According to dates wines were produced: 2006 or 2005 Pinot Noirs
    4. Wines produced by the same maker: Robert Mondavi, Fess Parker, Jim Barrett, and many others
    5. Basic kinds of wines: Riesling, pinot gris, pinot noir, sauvignon blanc etc.
  2. Consider the time and some food. When tasting wines, it’s not recommended that you eat food along with it as it could ruin the flavor. Hence, choose a time where people wouldn’t want to eat yet or have eaten already; preferably 4PM or 9PM. On the other hand, you may also choose to offer them food before you proceed with the wine tasting or after it.
  3. Collect necessary tools and supplies. This meant to prepare the wine bottles, wine glasses, corkscrews, spittoons, wine opener, ice bucket, tablecloth or napkins, notepads and pens, decanter, snacks such as bread, cheese or cured meat, and a pitch of water.
  4. Contact your friends. Sending invites may depend on your choice, you can either directly contact them through phone or send them e-mails for formality. You should also consider the headcount in order to serve everyone, wine tasting can be expensive you know.

Actual Execution

03_Actual Execution

  1. Set up the table. Aside from getting all your wine bottles, glasses, and snacks in place, an added aesthetic will also work for the setup. Perhaps include labels (calligraphed cards) that will tell something about the wines served, it could work. Arrange the wines according to the theme you picked and make sure they are visible as possible when the table’s not that big to accommodate them. Also, don’t forget to include the spittoon just in case someone would want to use it.
  2. Keep the scent at a minimum and manage the temperature. Avoid using strong scents for the room as it could affect the wine tasting largely. Keep it minimal to avoid any interference in the everyone’s ability to taste the wines. It’s the purpose of the event after all. Also, keep the temperature parallel to the wines served. For white wines, you should keep it warm for about 50-55 degrees, while red wines should be kept cool at 60-65 degrees. It’s important to note that the temperature can affect the original taste of wines which could ruin the purpose of the event.
  3. Take notes. Given the purpose of the event, provide your friends notepads and pens for note taking. You can start with the aromas and flavors, proceed with the weight and texture if it’s light, rough, or smooth, then to the balance of flavors mixed in the wines, and what one thinks is better amongst others. Usually, the wine that lingers most is considered a good wine.
  4. Of course, not everyone’s familiar with wines. So, make sure to interact with everyone and keep the atmosphere light. Though, if you’re going to set the wine tasting with friends, managing the atmosphere wouldn’t be a problem. Just remember to avoid getting drunk with wine.

Key Takeaway

There you go! With everything prepared – the choice of wines, snacks, supplies, time, and your friends gathered around – you’ll definitely enjoy the wine tasting smoothly. Aside from that, you’ll also learn about multiple things about wines that you could use on special occasions. Just make sure to make your homework about wines and ask a few persons know about it to get the best deals out there.

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