Ringing Bells statements to start providing Rs 251 smart phone from June 28

251 smartphone

Ringing Bells, a little-known organization that ran into debate after introducing a Rs 251 ‘smartphone‘, nowadays stated it will begin supply of the device to clients from June 28.

Deliveries will begin to clients who have authorized for purchasing the device, Noida-based Company Home Mohit Goel said.

“We will begin shipping of Freedom 251 from June 28 to clients who compensated for it previously on COD (cash-on-delivery) foundation,” he informed PTI.

Ringing Bells started promoting the device, Freedom 251, via its web page in Feb. But the release of the smart phone, recognized to be the world’s most affordable, swirled into debate, with some contacting it a ponzy plan.

Also, the website of the organization damaged during two-day selling due to huge reaction from potential customers. The organization stated that around 30,000 clients had reserved the device despite the problem.

The organization, however, withdrew the product and returned the installments to clients following a close analysis by govt departments.

The organization had said about 30,000 individuals compensated for reservation the device and over 7 crore individuals authorized for it.

Later, the organization said that it would provide device on cash-on-delivery method to those who placed the order.

Goel said that Ringing Bells has a quick and easy plan to support the price but did not reveal it.

Ringing Bells Chief executive Ashok Chaddha had described previously that the production price of the device was about Rs 2,500, which had to be retrieved through a number of actions like financial systems of range, impressive marketing, decrease in responsibilities and developing an e-commerce industry.

He had said that the organization would make mobile phones in Indian that would lead to 13.8 per penny benefits on responsibilities and further save on price by promoting it online.

The cellphone was to come in in Noida and Uttaranchal.

“Two vegetation will be set up for Rs 250 crore each with a potential of 5 lakh mobile phones. The cash will come in the type of debts and value (1.5:1),” Chaddha had said.

However, market gamers had indicated question over the declare. Telecommunications Reverend Ravi Shankar Prasad too had requested the Division of Electronic devices and IT to look into the issue.

The organization had also come under the scanning device of Excise and Earnings Tax Divisions amongst discussion over the practicality of a 3G-enabled device for Rs 251.


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