The Genius Way to Clean Fast for Last-Minute Guests


Last minute guests and a messed up house, one bad combination, right? Well, just like a bad hair day, there also exists a bad/untidy house day. There are times when everything in the lounge and kitchen is messed up and you do not have the strength to clean it and then the sudden news of guests coming to your place is the worst nightmare for any person.

Well, firstly, there are companies who give the best maid service in NYC, for example, and in case you yourself want to clean it all up within an hour then don’t worry because yes, we do have some genius hacks for you to clean fast for the last minute guests.

1- Start Clockwise

If you start cleaning every place all at the same time, trust me, you are going to get really tired so why not start cleaning and arranging things with a proper flow? Start anti-clockwise or clockwise, the choice is yours but its best to start from one direction and end at one. Also, for quicker cleaning, we suggest you to put a timer on so that you can be aware of the time left and that way you will work faster and will stay motivated to clean it all up.

2- Only Dust the Highly Visible places

Your guests are not going to notice each and every single corner of your house so instead of wasting time on dusting every-thing, just focus on the ones that are highly visible and can be seen clearly. Otherwise, you don’t have to stress on cleaning and dusting it all, just arrange things and take a carrying basket with you to put all of it in it. This will save you a lot of time and remember, you’ve got only an hour to clean it all up so make sure you are arranging and cleaning the necessary stuff only.

3- Vacuum

It is no less than a magic wand that can clean your house within a few minutes and trust me, for the eleventh-hour guests, you need to take the help of a vacuum to wipe every-thing off the floor. Speed cleaning never allows you to go for mopping and don’t make that mistake to use the mop instead of a vacuum. Save yourself from the extra effort and the extra time.

Overall Verdict

So, this is it for today stay connected and keep reading because we have a lot more to discuss on cleaning homes and other daily life house related issues. Till then keep sharing and keep loving our blogs.


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