The Rules of Using Steroids and Revealing the Side Effects

benefits and side effects

Steroids (nicknamed as roids) are closely similar to the structure and function of many of the natural hormones that have been present our body.

It has been used in the development of the different types of muscles in the body. Many of the reviews on the internet often highlight the beneficial effects of the use. But there is a darker side to their use too.

It causes can many negative effects which can be either long termed or for a short duration. It is due to this reasons it is very important to understand the different effects, and dosage to prevent any of the long-term problems to the body.


Most of the steroids that are present in the market are known as artificial alternatives of hormones that lead to the development of the different muscles of the body or loss of fat.

Most commonly testosterone, as well as dihydrotestosterone, structures are the base of the modern day steroids in the market.  The popularity of use is contributed as it not only helps in increase of muscles but also increases the strength of bones.

These factors lead to increased use of these steroids by bodybuilders which are favorable to them to get the desired body required in the various competitions across the world.

Testosterone derived “roids” causes an enhancement of male characteristics that include the development of the secondary characters like deepening of voice, hair, and increase the libido.

Another type of steroids are also medically prescribed for the treatment of the inflammatory diseases and are classified as corticosteroids. A person must carefully analyze and educate themselves about the benefits and side effects before use.

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Side effects of steroid use

There are some short-term effects of steroid use which occur during the use of it in a cycle. These side effects include acne, thinning of hair, nausea and sleeping disorder. These side effects gradually removed at the end of a cycle during the recovery phase in the post cycle training period.

There are some drastic effects to the use too that may include irrational behavior or mood swings. It can also cause a decrease in the sperm count hence fertility issue which results in impotency.

Most of the steroids belong to the 17-aa group that contains a 17-alkyl group in the 17th position. This modification though increases the stability of the drug in the body, but it also increases the chance of liver toxicity.

Damage to the liver by increased use of roids can permanent damage to the body. It is due to this reason that people allow a post cycle cooling of phase after the end of the cycle to allow the body to recover from these effects.

Steroid in sports

The use of steroid in sports is a very controversial topic. In many of the international competitions across the world like International Olympic Committee which regulates the Olympic Games have restrictions in place to ban athletes.

Any of the athletes who are tested positive for the steroids are banned from participating in the games. In spite of these, some athletes still use them to as it can cause an increase in the lean muscle mass without the increase in the unwanted fat in the body.

A person must carefully analyze the risks, benefits and side effects of the use and rules of the sport of choice to prevent unwanted results.


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