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Firstly, what is a virus? The virus is an agent which causes infection and replicates itself. A Computer Virus is a software program which is harmful to a computer. It replicates itself through the modification of the other programs in a computer. It inserts its code into a computer. These programs can be a data file of it can also be a boot of a hard drive.

Each year the million dollar worth of harm is caused by these viruses. It can be due to the damaging of data, failure of a system, wastage of resources, and cost of maintenance. Viruses perform various harmful activities on a computer and change the programs on a computer without the consent of a user by replicating itself.

Now the second question is that what is anti-virus? In simple words, anti-virus is software that prevents the virus to enter your computer. It detects the virus and removes it. There are many antiviruses people used to protect their computers or software throughout the world. Some of the best antiviruses are as follows.


It was paid software, but now it has become free. Due to its functioning, it deserves to be in the best antiviruses’ software. It prevents your computer from all kind of threats and damages which can be caused by your files on your computer, through the internet, via emails or other messages. Windows 8, Windows7Vista and XP support this software.


It is one of the finest antiviruses among the others. It includes email scanner as well as the link, and auto updates etcetera. This antivirus is free, and you do not need to pay for another one. It can provide the best services. It also has premium features which can be used by paying monthly or annually. This antivirus is supported by windows XP to windows 10. In today’s world, it is considered as the best software for antivirus purpose.


McAfree is also known as one of the best software. This software scans the app and lets you know if there is a leakage of sensitive information or not. It also prevents the accessibility of a treating webpage and blocks it. It is also free, but the free version of McAfree allows the ads to pop up. If you want to get rid of these Ads, you have to buy the premium version of this antivirus.


This antivirus has a big name in the world of antiviruses. This antivirus is free and very light weighted. The resources of the system remain free in this antivirus because it does not perform a function in the background. When you will install anything or any software it will scan that software automatically. The main advantage is that once this software is installed you do not have to configure it and it starts performing its task.


This antivirus also has a reputation with the big players of this game like AVG antivirus, McFree antivirus, Bit defender antivirus etcetera. It has great virus detection rate with high precision. It prevents the virus to enter in the first place. It also blocks any website or web page that can be harmful to your PC or any other program. This software has 30-day trial after that you have to buy the premium version which has extra features.


It prevents the virus to enter in you Pc. These viruses include trojans or any adware. It is also considered as the one of the best antivirus and functions as an anti-malware. It is easy to use which increase its value a lot. But the disadvantage of this antivirus is its configuration process. Opposite to Bitdefender, it requires configuration which can be Avery frustration for anyone. All the windows are ranging from XP to Windows10 support this antivirus.


This antivirus was created in 2015. This antivirus is very efficient and light weighted. This antivirus used its cloud-based database to remove any malware. It has different good features like it provides protection from the automatic download of a defected file and provides protection against the webcam. It is very easy to use and need very little configuration. It automatically scans your PC and USB devices to prevent any virus to enter on your Pc. That is why it enters in the list of good antiviruses in a very short period. This antivirus works in all windows ranging from XP to Windows 10.


Comodo antivirus is also considered as the best antivirus software. Due to its defense technology it earns so much fame. It automatically considers any unknown file as a risk and never ponders it safe. Sometimes it feels like it will cause some problem but it always uses other efficient tools to make the whole process very efficient as well as very effective. But this whole process remains very silent. Like other antiviruses, this antivirus is also supported by all the windows ranging from window XP to Window 10.


For client is antimalware which helps in the building of firewall, helps in the filtering of the web, optimization of the system and then some. It is strong enough so that any business can use it for detect and remove the virus. For client removes all your worries related to the virus by scanning your PC once in a whole week and removes all the dangerous and harmful files from your PC. Like others, it is supported by all the windows ranging from XP to Window 10, but it is also supported by MacOS.


Immunet is one of the best antiviruses because of its many good features. It updates automatically, and you have to do it on your own. It also provides support telephonically which increase its importance very much. The most powerful feature of this antivirus is that it can also run along the other antimalware. This feature enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the process and also makes the computer more protected.

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