Top 7 Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts for our bodies


If you are coming of age and have to face with the number of dilemmas as cancer, heart diseases or sexual deficiency, you properly concern about how to deal with such difficulties. Although it is necessary to make an appointment with the specialists if you are unlucky to be contracted with such diseases, there are still several home remedies that can help.
In this paper, we would like to share some of the health benefits of  Brazil nuts. It is known as a native tree planted in the South America and has abundant of nutrients for our bodies.

1.       Lowering risk of heart diseases

Many studies pointed out that Brazil nuts are a good source of non-saturated fat. It is no longer needed to question about the function of such kind of fat in balancing the cholesterol concentration. As many people already knew that, cholesterol and other its derivatives is considered as harmful lipid. High concentration of cholesterol can lead to many heart problems like atherosclerosis, stroke or heart attacks. In this sense, Brazil nuts with high omega 3 acids could flush out the cholesterol –typed omega 6 acid by which help in decreasing the heart diseases potential.
One also should note that cholesterol is not totally dangerous, it is a necessary component of a healthy body as well. One another thing is that Brazil nuts also store considerable saturated fat and calories. Therefore, people should consume it in carefully.

2.       Preventing skin ages

When the time passes by, everyone has to face with the reduction in the skin health. As a consequent, the question of how we could prolong the longevity of the skin has become one of the biggest concerns of many generations. Brazil nuts can play its role in this situation by replenishing the selenium of the body. Selenium not only bolsters the function of vitamin C, E but also be the powerful antioxidant which can protect skin cells from radicals. By this way, Brazil nuts prevent the skin against the wrinkles formation as well as lower rich of cancer development.
Another skin benefit of Brazil nuts is that it clears out acnes. The Brazil nuts oil is a rich source of vitamin, antiradical and contains an amount of zinc which lessen the possibility of acnes formation.

3.       Smooth digestive system function

Firstly fiber content on the Brazil nuts accelerates the peristaltic. As a result, people eat the amount of this food is far less risk of being constipation than the rest. In addition to this, fiber works with intestinal villus in absorbing the nutrient from food to the body cells. If someone is looking for a home remedy for losing weight, Brazil nuts should jump to the list. Due to a high level of fiber along with protein and carbohydrate, Brazil nuts gave a sense of fullness. In other words, it reduces the feeling of hungry and leads to lesser consumption of food.
Last but not least, in practical, Brazil nuts are the ingredient in the free-gluten diet for those whose experience Gluten allergy and celiac colitis.

4.       Hormone control

Turning back with selenium, Brazil nuts is the store-house of this mineral. Selenium is an essential part of metabolism thyroid gland hormones. It helps in transformation of inactive T4 into an active T3 hormone. Needless to say, thyroid is one of the most important endocrines of the body and its function properly is vitally important for health maintenance. To ensure that we are giving our body best assistance so as to it can work smoothly, eating a handful of Brazil nuts seems a good option.

5.       Proper Sexual function

To a certain extent, Brazil nuts can improve sexual performance in men by various ways. At first, antioxidants in this nut can protect sperms and make them more mobility and activity. In addition to this, eating Brazil nuts allows the body excretes more testosterone which is male hormone and essential for the growth, development as well as the activity of the men’s bodies.

6.       Immune booster

As mentioned above, Brazil nuts are packed with minerals especially selenium and vitamins. Selenium is a co-factor of an antioxidant enzyme called glutathione. Glutathione, in turn, neutralizes the free radicals which are made constantly throughout the body in metabolisms. Not only that, vitamin E found in this nut is considered as a powerful antioxidant. It protects the epithelial (outer layer) of skin and mucosa from the free radicals by which reduce the risk of developing cancer. What is more, vitamin C accompanying with zinc and selenium enhance the number of immune blood cells as well as accelerate the function of antioxidant in the body. Through the various mechanisms, Brazil nuts are worth being put on your diet as a friend of immune defence.

7.       Nutrition supply

With respect to protein, Brazil nuts are an excellent candidate for those who are suffering from protein deficiency. More importantly, it can alter the animal-meet in the diet of vegetarians since nuts contain an adequate amount of essential amino acids for our body. Turning to mineral, along with selenium, Brazil nuts also filled with zinc which comes in handy when the body lacks ability to absorb this element from foods. One other note worthy component of those brown nuts is that it contains considerably –group vitamin-like thiamin, niacin, riboflavin and so on.


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