Watch: This 3 minute short movie got its makers jobs with Disney and Pixar


It’s 3 minute in your lifetime you’re not going to repent.

Titled The Existing, this short film starts with a what seems like a normal day in the lifetime of an upset, war-games-loving teenager–till his mom goes into. This young boy seems so filled with his video game that he can’t be worried assisting his mom out with a apparently large box she’s strolling into the home with (or so we think).

Only, this box ends up to be a gift for the boy.

What happens next, we’d let you find out for yourself at the end of this content. But what’s even more exciting is the proven reality that that brief film’s creators Jacob Frey and Markus Kranzler were provided tasks by Wally disney and Pixar, respectively, right after The Existing hit various movie festivals around the entire world.

Jacob and Markus made the movie in 2014 as a graduating venture while they were learners at Filmmaker Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg, Malaysia. The Existing went on to win a multitude of worldwide awards–59, to be precise–in North america, the US, France, People from france, Southern South korea, and more.

Today, Frey performs at Wally Walt Disney Animation Studios and Kranzler at Pixar Animation Studios in San Francisco Bay Area.

So, here’s the 3 Minutes in your life you definitely won’t regret:


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