Why Every Indian Woman Feels So Unsafe


Women are in every field these days standing shoulder to shoulder with men, doing the work of more than two people, managing home & office, still we don’t feel safe. Ask any women and they would say walking back home even during the daylight gives them goosebumps (bad ones) as you would feel eyes stalking you and many times groping accompanied by vulgar statements.

Ask any Delhi girl and she would say we are habitual now, as eve teasing doesn’t bother us much, it is the serious violence, stalking which makes us stay alert, not able to relax. Who coined this word eve teasing, it transforms sexual harassment into something politer, which is wrong.

Data from India’s National Crime Records Bureau says there were over 130,000 sexual offences reported last year. Moreover, we all know in India, unreported cases of this nature are high in number. Eve teasing can easily convert into stalking and even with new laws on stalking after Damini case, stalking is declared a serious crime still stalker are getting away without harsh punishments. With two violent cases in the last few days, (Karuna & Laxmi) Delhi is once again in uproar and asking why these stalkers have not been dealt seriously.

Karuna – A young woman, supporting her family through her job, took all the precautions against her stalker, complaint registered against her stalker with police, still, she met a horrific end that too in broad daylight.

The girl was only 21 years of age and her only offence was denying the marriage proposal. The culprit of this horrific event stalked her for more than a year and then stabbed her for more 20 times. While she was helpless, passersby looked on, not coming to help the victim.

Laxmi – A young woman, mother of two kids was stabbed by her stalker outside her home while neighbourhood watched. Sanjay was harassing Laxmi for years and around 8:30 PM when she was returning from work, he chased her through streets & then stabbed her in the abdomen while people were too scared to come for her help.

In both cases, police responded too late. The deed was already done and the females dead when police finally came. With prompt police help, these situations could have resulted differently. Even with the help of family members, the outcome would have changed. As we can already see from above mentioned incidents, you cannot rely on the public to get help.

Due to these incidents, fresh terror rules the minds of women all over the country. After talking to female colleagues, I know I am not alone in feeling dread going outside. Still we cannot stop our lives and start living inside house 24*7. We can only pray for a safer world & take precautions while going outside.

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